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Let Amelie Lens hypnotize you all over again! The Belgian techno DJ just released her latest single, “Access” on DJmag.com. She dropped it as part of her new third EP, “Hypnotized,” which she’ll release later this month. This is her second single from the forthcoming record, following the EP’s titular track from last week.

Listen to “Access” below:

The mix is a perfect fit for a rave, with hard techno beats and an aggressive melody that rarely stops. The strong pulses take it to rather violent peaks, but it still remains consistent all throughout. Apart from these two already-released singles, the EP also contains a remix of the title track by DJ duo Joyhauser, which is also expected to be a strong party hit. Ultimately, her label ‘Lenske,’ which she founded herself, describes the EP as “two peak-time weapons with her signature sound and a gabber-inflected remix from rising Belgian duo Joyhauser.”Amelie Lens’s new album, “Hypnotized” will drop on June 28, 2019. Pre-order it now by clicking here.

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