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Primavera Sound just achieved a historic feat this 2019. They’ve just become the first music festival to feature an equal number of female to male artists in their annual roster. Around 50% of this year’s headliners were women. It included the likes of Robyn, Roza Terenzi, object blue, and more.

Primavera’s spokesperson Marta Pallares Olivares shared that, while their feat was historic, it was easy to achieve. “It’s not difficult once your mind is set – when you decide that you want to do this, you start looking for female bands and see that you have been listening to them during the last month,” she stated during an interview with BBC1 Radio’s “Newsbeat.” She also shared that from here on in, all of their succeeding festivals will feature the same balance of both gender artists. They’re now even calling it the “new normal.”

“We love music and if you love music in 2019, it’s quite obvious that it’s done both by men and women the same way,” relayed Olivares. She noted that festivals shouldn’t find difficult, especially in this day and age, to lock the same number of female headliners as male performers. “I will say to all those people who say there are not enough female acts out there – because I’ve heard that – that it’s simply a lie. They are out there – because they’re here.”The festival’s next edition will be their first outside of Europe. Primavera Sound 2020 is the maiden event of their new US edition. It’ll take place in Los Angeles, California at the state’s Historic Park, co-produced by the promoter Live Nation. The festival will run from September 19, 2020, to September 20, 2020. As of this writing, they have confirmed no headliners yet.

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