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Legendary Detriot DJ Moodyman will release a digital version of his latest album. The original vinyl, which was released at a barbecue back in Detroit during Movement Festival weekend last month, only featured five tracks. This new digital release of “Sinner” will expand it to seven tracks.Perhaps the most distinct change between the vinyl record and this new digital release is its lead single. The latter will no longer contain the titular track of the album. The DJ replaced it with “Got Me Coming Back Rite Now” instead. This track comes from his vinyl release last year, “Pitch Black City Reunion.” Additional two songs include a new song called “Downtown” and a live version of his 2014 single, “I Got Werk.”

You can watch the music video for the album’s first single, “I’ll Provide,” below:

Expect the digital version of“Sinner” to drop on June 21, 2019. You can pre-order it now by clicking here.

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