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The Chemical Brothers just dropped their music video for “Eve Of Destruction.” It’s their fifth single off of their ninth album, “No Geography,” which they released last April 12, 2019. The video has a Power Rangers-feel to it, complete with colorful superheroes, strange villains, and a whole lot of butt-kicking. Consequently, both the track and video feature Norwegian singer-songwriter Aurora, a frequent collaborator of theirs.

Watch the music video here:

It starts with Aurora singing the chorus of the single with heightening melodies. As soon as the music picks up, the flurry of villains takes over. Evidently, the video takes its visual cues off of Japanese-style superhero movies of the 80s and 90s. In fact, the human ‘Clark Kent’ version of the protagonist looked straight out of the aforementioned decades. As she fights the supervillains—alien creatures and giant robots alike—the EDM duo drops their electric beats. The video ends similarly as it began: Aurora mouthing the lyrics, “The Eve of Destruction.”

The music video was first teased last April of 2019, around the same time The Chemical Brothers released the album. In a tweet promoting the single itself, they accompanied it with a GIF image of Aurora in the music video. However, it’s also possible that the EDM duo shot the video last year. They frequently played snippets of Aurora’s parts in the background of their many tour and festival performances back in 2018. The ‘Brothers’ also sampled the track way before the full record was dropped.Simultaneously with the music video release, The Chemical Brothers also announced that they’ll be releasing a reissue of their well-known 2000 album, ‘Surrender.’ It’s their first deluxe reissue of an album in their catalog ever. Though there’s no word yet as to when they plan to release it, it’s highly likely they’ll drop it the middle of next year, marking the 20th anniversary of the original release. The record will feature various remixes of the album’s tracks, including “Under The Influence” and “Hey Boy Hey Girl.” It’s also going to be available in both a 12-inch vinyl record and CD/DVD iterations.

For now, the iconic DJ duo is expected to headline Glastonbury 2019. They also contributed to the making of the festival’s 50th Anniversary book, which will be released this October.

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