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Despite the recent controversies, Major Lazer is moving straight on! The EDM trio just dropped their music video for their latest single, “Can’t Take It From Me” featuring Skip Marley. Bob Marley’s grandson even dominates the video himself with, surprisingly, very little cameo from any of the group’s members. The single is straight out of their upcoming fourth and final album, “Music Is The Weapon.”

Watch the music video below:

The video features Marley performing the song amidst scenes of his leading a church-like sermon in a cathedral. Other people in the clip appear to worship a sort of Carribean version of God, complete with a full beard and dark sunglasses for that mysterious appeal. Simultaneously, Major Lazer also appears in the video almost inconspicuously. It’s unlike other music videos they’ve done where they were prominent, at times even more so than their featured artist. This may be the result of Jillionaire having left the group just days before they dropped the video.

News outlets reported that the Trinidadian DJ left the group to pursue solo projects. But Major Lazer, particularly its founder Diplo, insists that Jillionaire is still involved with the trio, just not as much as he used to. Texan DJ Ape Drums supposedly replaced him in the new official lineup. He also performed with the remaining members during Major Lazer’s set in the 2019 Governors Ball music festival in New York City last weekend.As of this writing, there’s still no word as to when the group will drop their forthcoming final album, “Music Is The Weapon.”

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