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Well, RiRi finally got her money! And she got it from no other b**ch but herself! Forbes magazine just named the Barbadian pop star and businesswoman as the richest female artist working in the music industry today. They estimated her earnings at around $600 million in total, substantially higher than other prominent women in the industry today.While her own music is popular enough, Rihanna achieved such a status mainly through her makeup line, Fenty Beauty. A collaboration between the singer and the biggest luxury retail group in France, LVMH, the business has a net worth of $3 billion.

Last year, it earned a whopping $570 million in revenue, after just 15 months in business. “Not only did (Fenty Beauty) achieve meaningful sales, but it potentially changed the industry permanently,” stated Jeffries research analyst Stephanie Wissink.

This year, Riri’s ‘Fenty’ empire grew to even bigger heights with her new clothing brand. The pop star unveiled the first ready-to-wear collection of her Fenty line late last month, complete with pantsuits, denim pieces, and fanny packs. This marked the first time a woman of color is running a luxury lifestyle brand under the LVMH group. “They extended the offer to me and it was a no-brainer because LVMH is a machine,” detailed the singer on how this new business venture came about.Apart from Rihanna, the magazine also included other female artists that the singer outranked in wealth. The legendary Madonna comes in second, having earned $570 million in total. Céline Dion, who’s about to end her Las Vegas residency, takes third place with $450 million.

Meanwhile, superstar Beyoncé Knowles ranks fourth with roughly $400 million. Her husband, Jay-Z Carter, on the other hand, recently hit the billion-dollar mark. The same magazine reported that the rapper is the first billionaire to ever come from the hip hop scene in the history of the music industry.Now, every time you listen to Rihanna’s famous single “Work,” you’ll know she actually means business! Congratulations Ms. Fenty on this historic feat!

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