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Cyrcle's Rabi Collaborates with JR to Create New Mural in Los Angeles
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Branded Arts got two prominent artists to create a new inspiring mural in a Los Angeles high school. David Torres, also known as ‘Rabi’ from Cyrcle, collaborated with French artist and photographer JR for this massive project. The latter took portraits of hundreds of students from the Dr. Maya Angelou Community High School, while the former painted them all in a huge mural. They named the project “The Maya Angelou Mural Festival.”

This new collaboration is the second of its kind in a multitude of projects that started in 2016. They aim to transform various campuses nationwide into artistic canvases, promoting the importance of arts education in schools. The first of such happened three years ago in Robert F. Kennedy Community School in Koreatown.

This time, the project invited more students to join in on the fun. The school transformed its gymnasium into an exhibition of works done by 50 acclaimed artists. They featured some of the students’ artworks as well. “Art was the most important subject I was ever exposed to as a student,” recalled Warren Brand, founder of Branded Arts. “These festivals are about sharing my love of art with the next generation, and giving kids the opportunity to be impacted like I was.”

Today, this mural of students of the Dr. Maya Angelou Community High School still stands as a reminder for the appreciation of art. If you’re near the area and have some free time, try to check it out!Image Credits:

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