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Is a party any good without a smoke machine? Didn’t think so! Though smoke machines usually cost a lot, there is one ingenious gadget you can still use. Not only will it guarantee some fog-filled fun, but it’s also a nifty little item too! Introducing the MicroFogger!

Crafted by WorkshopScience, the MicroFogger costs less than $100 each. Think of it as vape without you as the vessel for the smoke. In fact, similarly to vape, you can choose flavored juices to diversify the smell. This comes incredibly handy for those types of raves that are just too jampacked and heated. A nice well-scented smoke ought to do your nostrils some good! Furthermore, the smoke is also non-toxic, allowing you to bring the MicroFogger onto the dancefloor even when you’re surrounded by loads of people.

See how to use the MicroFogger in the video below:

Recently, WorkshopScience released the Microfogger 2. This time, the gadget is smaller, simpler, but still as fun as ever. Instead of just a button, you can actually control the device through remote control. It enables you to set the machine in one specific area and fill the whole club with smoke. Now if that won’t bring the house down, then what will?Learn more about the MicroFogger here and the MicroFogger 2 here.

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