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London DJ Mr. Mitch returns with a brand new EP for 2019. “Not Modular” is set to drop later this June. It acts as his record label Pressure’s third release of the year, following Miss Red’s “The Four Bodies” and “K.O. Dubplates.” Today, The DJ just dropped the first single off the EP, a techno dancehall with the same name.

Listen to the track below:

The track opens with a drippy introductory tune of random synth patterns, almost akin to the drip-drop of a faucet. By the 39th second, it picks up to feature chaotic bleep emissions, gradually rising up into a high-pitched spaceship-like sound. Surprisingly, the tempo stays rather slowly throughout the single. According to the record label, the track came from Mr. Mitch’s “Techno Dancehall Mix” from late 2018. DJ The Bug, the founder of Pressure, chose it as the company’s third release of 2019. The EP will consist of two remixes, one ‘Straight and one ‘Raw,’ by The Bug himself.

Simultaneously with the track drop, the company also released the artwork for the upcoming record. It features a dark cobalt blue snake surrounded by flames on a bright yellow background. “This strictly limited, blue and yellow splattered vinyl platter is futurist dancehall at its most exhilaratingly demented.” stated the record label.“Not Modular” will drop on June 28, 2019. You can pre-order it by clicking here.

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