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Looks like it really is the end of Major Lazer! The original, that is! Christopher Leacock, more commonly known as Jillionaire, has left the EDM trio to pursue solo projects from here on in. His exit has been widely rumored recently and comes ahead of their purported final album, “Music Is The Weapon.” Reportedly, he was replaced by Texan DJ Eric Alberto-Lopez, also known as ‘Ape Drums.’

This move didn’t come as surprise as news of this supposed exit has been circulating these past few weeks. In fact, several people within the EDM circuit already knew of Jillionaire’s exit and replacement even before news outlets confirmed it. To steady the waters, Diplo recently came out saying that the Trinidadian producer was still part of the team, albeit only a little bit. “Jillionaire is always part of the team. Ape Drums is helping with production on some tracks so he is going to tour with us as well…it’s like John Mayer joining the Grateful Dead.” he said during an interview with Dancing Astronaut.For now, the new trio is busy finishing up their new album. The last track they dropped (with Jillionaire still involved) was “Can’t Take It From Me’ featuring Skip Marley. They released it last May 10, 2019, as the first single off of their final record, which had been delayed for over four years now.

Listen to the single here:

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