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It’s been one hell of a weekend for New Yorkers, that’s for sure! The annual Governor’s Ball music festival initially went off without a hitch. Held on Randall’s Island, it was one of the city’s biggest events at the time. Big-named artists shared the stage with music’s latest up-and-comers during its first two days.

On the first day of the festival, who could forget Tyler, The Creator’s stunning comeback with “IGOR,” his latest release which debuted at number one? In fact, the rapper even acknowledged his latest achievement on stage, sharing a positive message of hope for all those creatives out there. “I want y’all to trust your ideas and be your biggest cheerleader, alright?”Consequently, fans enthusiastically sang along to his freshest hits, including “New Magic Wang” and “What’s Good?” Though he did forget some of the lyrics to his older songs, he ended his electric set with “Are We Still Friends?” which was, incidentally, the final track in his latest record.

Then on to the second day! Amidst a whole host of performers, country singer Kacey Musgraves stood out with her unapologetically optimistic performance. She sang a medley of her most prominent singles, including “Butterflies,” the surprise hit from her “Golden Hour” tour. And since the second day landed on the month of June, Musgraves kicked off Pride Month with a barefoot run across the stage holding a rainbow flag while she closed her set with “High Horse.”

Later that evening, Florence + The Machine proved to be another highlight for Governors Ball 2019. Performing a series of songs from their repertoire of haunting melodies, the band provided a touch of old-school bohemia into the music festival. Welch even pumped up the activism a little by asking the audience to donate to the ACLU in their fights of human rights across the board. As their set went on, tracks like “The End of Love”  and “Dog Days are Over” had fans swaying and swiveling to their intoxicating tunes.However, things didn’t pan out as successfully on the third day. Due to inclement weather, the gates didn’t open on time at around 6: 30 pm. And on 9:30 pm, they announced that the rest of the Governors Ball will no longer continue. They also asked people to evacuate the area due to weather concerns. The sets of artists like SZA, Charli XCX, and Strokes got canceled in the process.Bad weather is often the problem this particular music festival faces every year. Despite the successful two days, they couldn’t manage to continue on. Governors Ball is now offering refunds to all those who paid for the canceled days. Better luck next year!

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