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Bring out your rainbow flags, put on your best heels, and strut down the street! It’s Pride Month! For the whole month of June, countries around the world are celebrating the LGBTQ community. Their plight for equality has been one of the most important social issues for today’s generation and beyond. As a tribute, they’re given a whole month to go all out and celebrate their true selves.

In major cities across the world, people line up the streets with rainbow flags and elaborate costumes during Gay Pride Parade. While in a variety of establishments, on the other hand, they’ll most likely play LGBTQ anthems for the appropriate mood. Expect nightclubs to do the same, especially when they’re holding parties or events to celebrate Pride Month. And say what you want about the LGBTQ, they sure know how to pick the right club music! From Lady Gaga’s exciting beats to Katy Perry’s sparkling melodies, artists know that catering to this community entails dropping sick dance tracks!

If you’re attending a Gay Pride party this month, expect the DJ to play some of these post-2000s singles in the club. If not, ask them to because these songs are a must during Gay Pride Month (or in fact, for any great time in the club!).

“Dancing On My Own” – Robyn (2010)

Let’s face it, gay music will always have a tinge of sadness to it. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be a great dance track too! Robyn’s “Dancing On My Own” perfectly illustrates how gay people are usually afraid to dance with their desired partners in the club. And while this hurts them on the inside, there’s no stopping their bodies from getting down and dirty on the outside.

“Firework” – Katy Perry (2010)

Though Katy Perry has a lot of LGBTQ-related songs, “Firework” is the one that touches on gay pride the most. With its inspiring lyrics and heightening melodies, the song encourages people to let out their true selves and be the ‘fireworks’ that they are!

“Sissy That Walk” – RuPaul (2014)

Would you expect anything less from THE Drage QUEEN? Didn’t think so! If you thought RuPaul’s 90s hit “Supermodel (You Betta Work!)” was a catwalk-inducing hit, his 2014 hit “Sissy That Walk” takes it to maximum overdrive. And of course, nothing beats its music video featuring some of your favorite “Drag Race” contestants: Bianca del Rio, Courtney Act, Adore Delano, and Darienne Lake.

“Let’s Have a Kiki” – The Scissor Sisters (2012)

If you’ve heard the term ‘kiki’ before and don’t know what it means, let The Scissor Sisters teach you. In fact, the song itself is a kiki on its own, making it a great anthem for clubs to play during Pride Month. Halfway through the track, no matter what your sexual orientation or gender identity is, you’ll find yourself vogueing along to the music!

“Born This Way” – Lady Gaga (2011)

Always trust Lady Gaga to bring on the best club music for the LGBTQ community! Though she has a litany of such, none can quite compare to her 2011 hit, “Born This Way.” With lyrics that inspire pride and music that inspires dancing your behind off, this track’s been a club staple for nearly a decade now! Proof? Go to any gay club this June!

“Fu** You” – Lily Allen (2009)

Though this isn’t that much of a club favorite, it should be! Lily Allen’s curse-ridden tune has some of the strongest lyrics that defend LGBTQ rights in any song ever made. Here, she makes a rather compelling case as to why some people deserve to be told off with that specific F-word. And just imagine that chorus playing down at any nightclub! DJ’s will have a ball mixing in this (bleeping) track!

“Boys” – Charli XCX (2017)

Sorry, butch queens, this one is for the effems! There’s just something so soothing and honest about Charli XCX’s confessional track about her obsession for boys. Fortunately, there’s one group that can totally relate to her, the gays! Though the single itself is a little too slow on its own, surely DJs can play with it as much as they can to make it club-ready for Pride Month!

“Raise Your Glass” – Pink (2010)

Gay people are usually the underdogs, and if there’s anyone who knows this, it’s Pink. Her song “Raise Your Glass” is a great anthem for those marginalized people to celebrate despite the unfairness the world has shown them. It’s all about partying all night long, which makes this a perfect tune to play during Pride Month!

Do you have other songs in mind? Comment them down below to let other people know what they should have in their playlists this June! It’s going to be a colorful 30 days! Happy Pride Month!

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