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trixie mattel

One of the most trending things that always seem to pop up in social media today is the drag queen culture. The main source is from the hit US TV show, “RuPaul’s Drag Race.” The term “drag queen,” an English slang word that grew popularity within gay communities in the early 20th century, is tossed around so often in 21st century conversation.

The first record of the word being used was a reference to actors dressed in women’s clothing from 1870. In other words, the word “drag” has been known throughout the decades as a term which refers to men dressing up in women’s clothing.

In today’s era, drag queens are hailed as performance artists, almost always male, who dress themselves in women’s clothing and often act feminine in an exaggerated manner. They perform in feminine gender roles in purpose of entertaining audiences. They are most commonly known for their exaggerated make-up, long eyelashes, dramatic personalities, and outrageous outfits.



Brooke Lynn Hytes

Drag queens are closely associated with gay men and gay culture but their decisions in becoming drag queens don’t necessarily determine their sexual orientation or gender identity. There are a variety of drag queens which are recognized depending on their class, culture, professionals who star in films, and those who try drag for certain occasions. In recent times, the art of drag has caught the attention of many audiences around the world. It’s become so popular that there are now shows and competitions on drag queens – and fans can’t get enough.

With their daring persona’s and comedic performances, it’s no wonder why drag queens are getting everyone hooked. They keep you glued to your seats with each clever and sassy joke to the next.




Image Source: Getty / Gorgon Anthony / Corbis

The history of drag culture goes back decades ago. Its evolution started from a common theater practice to award-winning pieces of entertainment for the masses today. Its popularity has reached even beyond national audiences – it has reached to international levels. RuPaul Andre Charles, known to be the most famous drag queen in the world today, has made drag culture explode thanks to his life and career. He’s best recognized as the host and face of the booming reality TV show in his name. His show is called “RuPaul’s Drag Race” which has changed the history of drag as a form of entertainment forever.

The drag queen competition reality show first graced television on the Logo TV Network back in 2009.  Now reaching its 10th year, RuPaul’s Drag Race has become a massive hit. With viewers ranging beyond the LGBTQ+ community, a number of spinoffs of the same show have been launched in different parts of the world. It also recieved an Emmy Award for Outstanding Reality-Competition Program in 2018.


2018 Emmy Awards

Though most think that the drag culture has been around since Shakespeare centering around the theater, it’s without a doubt that with the shows success, the history of drag art form of entertainment was forever changed. Since back in Shakespeare’s plays, only men were allowed to take part in the productions. It goes to show that our society today has become far more open-minded in terms of art and entertainment. Whether on TV, social media, or in real life, there’s just no stopping these drags from slaying their inner queens for the rest of the world in the most sassy way possible. There’s no denying that the drag culture will always continue to fascinate us and keep us entertained through our gloomy days. That’s what queens do after all, bring hope and strive forward with grace and femininity!