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For game lovers around the world, Sonic the Hedgehog is considered a childhood classic. Sega, the developers and producers of the game franchise, released the first Sonic the Hedgehog game back in 1991. The game’s protagonist is none other than the speedy hedgehog, Sonic along with his friends Tails, Amy, and Knuckles. The franchise’s popularity continued to increase throughout the years in different consoles and around the world.

Along with the world-famous plumber, Mario, Sonic has become a household name to children worldwide. With massively successful game releases from 16-bit to 3D platforms, it’s without a doubt that fans have been hyped up with the upcoming live-action Sonic the Hedgehog movie this year.

With Gangsta’s Paradise, some comedic acts from Jim Carrey as Doctor “Eggman” Robotnik, and subtle joke on kidnapping children, the first trailer had it all. But when it was released in April, let’s just say it did less of an impact than it should’ve. Many voiced out their disappointment with Sonic’s design and to make matters even worse – the producers gave him human teeth. This obviously did not sink in well with the fans. Hundreds took to social media and voiced out their opinions on the trailer, character design, and overall quality on the movie.

One fan took to twitter and wrote this: Good morning to absolutely everyone and everything other than live action Sonic the Hedgehog’s creepy human teeth xx” – @Charalanahzard. It’s suffice to say that many have decided  to not proceed with buying tickets for the movie the moment the trailer has graced our eyes. But after all the backlash and comments, the producers have announced to redesign our blue hedgehog hero.

Director Jeff Fowler responded to all the criticism on Twitter and wrote “The message is loud and clear, you aren’t happy with the design & you want changes. It’s going to happen. Everyone at Paramount & Sega are fully committed to making this character the BEST he can be.”

photo by EdwardPun1

Surely enough, everybody breathed a sigh of relief upon the news. With how they’re going to make it happen though, we’ll just have to wait and see. But this hasn’t stopped the fans from creating their own redesigns hoping their pieces will be used as inspiration. Or maybe the filmmakers will just go with whatever floats their boats again.

Regardless with how they will handle the situation, it’s obvious that they have a lot of CG to redo before the movie’s expected release this November. We can only hope and pray that the studio delivers what was promised to the fans. To bring this to a close, one piece of advice from this Sonic fan is: please, less human mouths!