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A party can be a whole lot of things. From a summer beach party to a night rave, there’s endless themes to choose from. One of the most trending and difficult parties to throw is a glow party. If you haven’t heard of it yet, it’s basically a “glow in the dark party.” It consists of black lights, colorful neon paint, and a lot more. You can hold this theme at house parties, fraternity ragers, and even birthday bashes. It takes good research, proper shopping, and of course— guests!

It goes without saying, a glow party needs to be well-thought of before actually hosting one. There are many hazards that will be present such as chemicals, location, and more. Before you start planning and buying those black lights, be thoroughly informed on the essentials for a glow party.

1. Black Lights

The most important thing to have in a glow party is a black light. You can’t glow in the dark without these bad boys. Black lights give a fluorescent glow to anything neon and colored objects. Though you CAN throw an ordinary glow party with just glow-in-the-dark decorations, it wouldn’t be as exciting as having black lights around! Be sure to know that there are sites that do offer both black lights and decorations specifically designed to glow under their light for sale. You should keep this in mind if you decide to buy black lights online rather than the store.




2. Anything Fluorescent

If you want to go all out for your party, you can do some of the decorations by hand. You can make fluorescent decors out of brightly-colored paper and pens. There are specific kinds of construction paper that are labelled as fluorescent and will usually glow under a black light. It’s important to remember that not all “neon” style highlighters and markers will glow too. For best results, you can bring a black light with you when shopping for these papers and pens to make sure if they glow or not.



3. Glow Sticks

These are another glow party essential. Glow sticks come as a plastic “tube” or flexible wristband which contains a mild chemical reaction when bent. When activated, they provide hours of colorful glowing lights. You and your guests can wear normal glow sticks around your wrists as bracelets or around your neck as necklace!

4. Glowing Lights/ LEDs

You can never go wrong with too much glow at a glow party, right? Another good idea to have are ordinary glowing lights/ LED. They usually come in the form of standard bulbs or LED lights. These can be programmed to flash in different colors or cycle through a range of color. These are perfect additions to your decorations which you can later reuse for the holidays!

5. Colorful Accessories

Great colorful accessories to get for a glow party are brightly-colored plastic sunglasses, bracelets, rings, and whatever you have in mind. Don’t go over your budget though. There are plenty of cheap and budget-friendly choices out there just as long as they glow under the black light, you’re good to go!

6. Body Paint

This, of course, is optional. Depending on how wild you want your glow party to be, you can go ahead and purchase some fluorescent body paint. You can find glow-in-the-dark body paint in specialty stores such as costume shops, supply stores for Halloween, and online shops. Be sure to research thoroughly on brands you wish to get or the type of paint you find online.

7. Music

Music is surely an essential for any party. For a glow party, however, you might want to be more choosy with the genre and songs you want to blast. If you’re thinking of recreating a “rave” then you may want to go with genres like house/techno or modern electronic dance music (EDM). Though it is possible to throw a great party with just any playlist of today’s latest beats, giving some thought of the choice of music will surely come a long way. But hey, as long as the volume’s high and the company is great, the party with be a success for sure!




8. Food and Drinks

Michael R Ross / Shutterstock

Every party need something to eat and drink. For your guests who will be moving their bodies, talking, and enjoying will surely feel hungry or thirsty. Have a selection of food and drinks available at all times. Good choices for glow parties are “party platters” which can range from all sorts of finger foods you prefer. Even a box of pizza is a great party food to have! For drinks, you’ll surely want to use cheap plastic cups since they won’t break or can be thrown easily after the party. Make sure to have a variety of drinks that you know will surely get your guests in high spirits!

9. Venue

The venue should be “blacked out.” For a glow party, it’s essential to make sure that there is as minimum of light as possible for the decorations and accessories stand out under the black lights. The party area should be someplace dark so if you have windows you can cover them up as long as the room is dark enough for all the glow-in-the-dark decors to shine. A helpful tip to covering windows is black plastic garbage bags are great budget-friendly choice. You can later use them to throw your garbage after the party!