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If you thought that Madonna was over and done with music, you thought wrong! The ‘Queen of Pop’ just dropped her latest music video “Crave” featuring Swae Lee. It’s the second single from her upcoming album “Madam X,” which will be her 14th record in her decades-long career. The pop star released the audio single earlier this month and teased the video on her Instagram account just yesterday.

In true Madonna fashion, the music icon started her video with a few spoken words. “I’ve always been waiting for you. I’m attracted to danger. I crave it.” she said in the intro. The video featured a strong black-and-white style while the singer and the rapper were in different parts of the same city. In between were multi-colored clips of the artists amidst strobing lights—the snippets found in the pop queen’s Instagram teaser. They later meet on the rooftop of a building after communicating through pigeon messengers.

If that all sounds sort of strange, you’re not alone in thinking that. But should fans expect anything less from this artistic legend? Probably not. Her videos have always been either avant-garde or simply strange to take in at first view. This was no different.

Image from Rolling Stone.com

At the 2019 Billboard Music Awards, Madonna shared in a backstage interview that the track was “angst-driven” and was about “chasing after someone who was running away.” She also stated that she wanted to sing with a man on this track. “(Swae Lee) is really talented. I think he’s a great writer, a great singer, and cute. Cute is important.” she shared about working with the young rapper.

Her upcoming album, “Madam X,” will be released on June 14, 2019. Madonna also announced that she’ll be promoting this new record with an upcoming tour that will start this September.