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Billie Eilish O’ Connell, or better known as Billie Eilish, is an American singer and songwriter known for her silver hair and “dream-like” voice. She has already gained a growing follower base since 2016 when she released her indie ballad “Ocean Eyes” on SoundCloud. She later boomed in popularity shortly after, where the world has started to recognize her as a young prodigy with an “angelic” voice. She has caught the attentions of huge record labels such as Interscope Records and has since remained in the top charts worldwide. In late 2017, Billie was also named by Apple Music as an “Up Next” artist.

It’s difficult to pin her down in a particular genre because her songs differ from each release. Currently her age is 17 but she has already released the instant success, Ocean Eyes, at only 14 years old. Her creativity shines the most through her music videos as well. In one of her songs “When the Party’s Over”, she was seen drinking black liquid from a glass and later cried the liquid from her eyes. As if the song wasn’t calming and sad enough, right?

Image via Darkroom/Interscope

A year later in 2018, she then collaborated with popular young artists, Khalid, and released a single called “Lovely” which as added as a soundtrack to the second season of the popular Netflix series “13 Reasons Why.” She quickly came to be known as a prodigy within the music industry for her sadistic yet intimidating tracks that surprisingly match her angelic voice. From being a psychopath who’s murdered her friends in her hit song “Bellyache” to being proud of her natural mischievous behavior in her latest hit “Bad Guy,” it’s without a doubt that Billie’s songs captivate and bewitch her listeners.

Photo by Anna Ottum

Her personal style and demeanor says a lot about her personality as well. Her character sends the message that she is an unconventional and unique artist with her over-the-top outfits such as her baggy pants, layered coats, and her flashy track suits. Along with her wild outfits, she loves to top things off with a pair of futuristic sunglasses like the ones you see from movies like The Matrix. Oh, and let’s not forget her iconic silver and blueish hair!

After the release and success of “Ocean Eyes”, 18 year old Billie Eilish is still trying to figure out how to deal with her success the past years. At just being 15 years old, she has already earned a huge number of diehard fans whom she openly shares her love and appreciation to. Even with the massive and sudden gain of popularity, she has openly made her love of her fans clear through the use of social media.

Despite her young age, Eilish does acknowledge that people she’s worked with usually taker her and her ideas very seriously. Her professionalism shows even at such an age is what makes this creative artist a prodigy in her own right. Topping charts every week with each released song, Billie Eilish really is a force to be reckoned with thanks to the support of her fans and her brother, Finneas, who has produced several of her songs and collaborated on songwriting.