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Kylie Jenner might have been one of the best-dressed celebrities during the Met Gala 2019, but fans on social media noticed something slightly familiar with her outfit. Her lilac feathery frock, purple straight hair, and almost-exposed breasts reminded many of Lil’ Kim’s own provocative red carpet ensemble during the 1999 MTV Music Video Awards. Though it’s not an exact copy, fans couldn’t help but point out the several similarities, from the matching hair and outfit to the open chest.

Apart from her, many other stars have had their own fashion moments that harkened back to the style icon rapper, from Nicki Minaj to Miley Cyrus. Here’s a look back at some of her wildest fashion moments that would have worked at this year’s Met Gala. They all prove that when it comes to camp, the OG Queen B was ahead of her time.

Image from Essence.com

First, let’s go back to the MTV Music Video Awards of 1997 where she stole the show with her sparkling barely-there outfit. In a bra-and-panty set dripping with rhinestones and a Cleopatra-esque headdress, Lil’ Kim outshone the likes of Left Eye (from TLC) and Missy Elliott on that red carpet. The look became so iconic that even Cardi B paid homage to it in her “Money” music video! She was unapologetically sexy but didn’t look vulgar at all! The same can be said of her silver siren look during the Lady of Soul Awards the following year. Though she was a little more covered up with her lamé high-low gown, her cage-like headpiece sealed the deal!

Image from Essence.com

She’s also not one to shy away from snakeskin. During the 15th Annual Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the rapper wore a hot pink bustier and a mustard yellow maxi skirt all in leathered python. Complete with a faux fur coat and curly platinum blonde pigtails, she was the epitome of campy chic that defined the youth’s style of that era. Others might have thought it was of bad taste back then, but that’s because only the likes of Lil’ Kim can truly pull such look off!

Image from Fuse.tv

Pink seems to be the rapper’s best color too! Back in the mid-90s, she was spotted wearing this all-pink ensemble of a fur coat, bedazzled bra and hotpants, and snakeskin boots. In true Lil’ Kim fashion, her hair also glowed in a healthy dose of pink! Kacey Musgraves might have thought her Barbie-inspired Met Gala outfit this year was oh-so-original, but this Queen B already knew how to play with pink almost two decades prior!

And when it comes to sparkling with class, trust Lil’ Kim to always have her own sexy spin on it. At the 1999 Vogue Fashion Awards, she sported a cropped-corseted semi-translucent evening ensemble with azure crystal detailing. She capped off her look with a wintry white fur stole, metallic boots, and an equally-bedazzled masquerade mask! This was one of her campiest moments to date, as well as, arguably, one of her most sophisticated. She was so enigmatic in it that even the late great Alexander McQueen was so enamored and even raved about her when he accepted the Fashion designer of The Year award that night. And who was it that presented the high honors to him? No less than the Queen B herself!

Take it from Lil’ Kim, camp is way beyond just a theme for a gala. For her, it’s a lifestyle that led to so many iconic style moments and placed her within the pantheon of fashionable tastemakers in pop culture history. Here’s to the OG queen of camp! You’ll always be the baddest b!&*$ on the red carpet!