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After this year’s Met Gala, it’s clear that most people didn’t know the definition of ‘camp.’ It’s basically an aesthetic that’s all about exaggeration, exuberance, and the exploration of bad taste. Consequently, it’s this year’s theme too, entitled “Camp: Notes on Fashion.” But judging by what the men wore, it’s safe to assume a lot of them got confused. Granted, it’s mostly the women who step up and stick more to the theme yearly, it’s a shame that almost little to no men even tried.

Fortunately, there were some that really impressed and went all out! It’s they who deserve a salute for their fearlessness, creativity, and shedding away of toxic masculinity to embrace the camp within them!

Image from Time.com

Arguably, the campiest of this lot was Billy Porter, with his Egyptian-like entrance going viral on social media that night. In fact, he almost managed to one-up Lady Gaga, who herself made four outfit changes in the few minutes she was on the pink carpet. Dressed like a sun-god with shimmering plated wings and a gilded bodysuit by The Blonds, Porter personified camp in painstaking exuberance!

Image from Teen Vogue.com

Another winner was Ezra Miller in his pinstriped and corseted Burberry suit—complete with a silk train! The moment he removed his mask to reveal his extra pairs of “eyes,” he stole the show. His make-up had photographers snapping deliriously and yelling out for more! Not only was it camp, but it was clever too!

Speaking of extra body parts, Jared Leto also made fashion headlines by holding a bust of his head with similarly glorious brunette locks. That Gucci Spring 2019 show gimmick worked for him that night as he donned a custom-made heavily-crystallized crimson robe from the label.

Image from Billboard.com

Meanwhile, Michael Urie did things a little old-school. His half-pinstriped-suit-half-pink-ruffled-gown by Christian Siriano was a tribute to those sideshow performers at the turn of the 20th century. Not only was he brave to don it, but he was also one of the very few who was faithful to the true definition of the event’s theme.

Image from Michael Urie’s Instagram account

As proven by this year’s Met Gala, and by these courageous men, everyone has a campy side. They weren’t even afraid to flaunt it! After all, they seemed to have had the most fun that night!